6 Hour Online Course Details

Our online 6 hour course for driver’s license in Texas is just what you need to get your license. Texas requires all driving candidates aged 18-24 to complete an adult drivers ed course before receiving a license. But maybe you’ve checked into this and have decided that all the steps are just going to be too tricky. We have a simpler way! Our adult driver courses are fun and convenient. We make it easy, and you're guaranteed to pass our course, because we allow you to take the final as many times as you need to get a passing score. Plus, our Driver’s License Permit course is approved, so you know that once you complete it, you'll be ready to get your permit and get behind the wheel.

The Texas DPS (Department of Public Safety) has given its state-approval to this Texas Adult driver Education. This completes the training course requirement that is needed before getting a Texas driver’s permit. This program gives teens and parents the educational background they need in order to be safe drivers. The program involves 6hours of online coursework and 14 hours of behind-the-wheel training.

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